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released January 31, 2009

All songs written by Colin Meyer & Kristen Meyer.
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Colin Meyer.
Photography & Design by Colin Meyer & Kristen Meyer.
Additional mixing by Eric Dawson Tate & Aaron Sherman.
Mastered by Eric Dawson Tate.



all rights reserved


The Soldier Story New Haven, Connecticut

The Soldier Story formed in late 1999 as a six piece band. Musical differences caused more than half the band to leave early on, making The Soldier Story a moniker for multi-instrumentalist & producer Colin Meyer. Releases include: Wait (2009), and Rooms Of The Indoors (2013).
Colin Meyer is currently self producing what will be The Soldier Story’s third LP to be released in the fall of 2016.
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Track Name: While the Computers Are Driving Your Life Too Fast to Death
i know you think that everything is fine all of our brightest days devoted to the dime all to build machines to buy us more time take time to be still take care, take care i know you think that everything is fine all of our brightest days taken by the world’s design we can’t find the time to love our hearts move slowly in set time and love sometimes takes the longest time to find love is sometimes the longest way around take time to be still be still take care
Track Name: If You See the Reflection of an Anorexic Soul in the Mirror
at the end of a dead end road a sea of snow a million lines of ivory bones partially dead, but almost alive i won’t be quiet and watch you bury yourself alive and not know i can’t let you walk away and disappear into the dark and snow that covers your hopes and dreams we cannot live on bread alone but from every word that proceeds from the mouth of god we live
Track Name: Small Things Creeping Up On You
how small things overtake our lives they start in the roots out of sight in the simple thoughts the software until they sprout up we’re unaware and we dismiss their feeble existence not knowing how deep their roots grow i am not afraid to be alive in these violent days where will we turn to when the roots run dry? i can’t wait anymore we’ve waited so long… we won’t die here this world covered in snow a blinding veil that’s become all we know
Track Name: To Take Away Your Hope
you arise and erase your hope as the moon sets dream my love of a chance to live yesterday is not tomorrow you are precious you are beautiful you are in the image of god hallelujah
Track Name: Months
a long time ago we were walking through another world green grass all around what happened to that? something came in and started cutting us down building walls taking them handcuffed and blindfolded out a herd of pigs came running toward the water to drown and taking us with them but you and i wouldn’t go until their love turned into war and death and then all was frozen ice you watched them all fall down that was when our hearts froze you felt the heat slipping out but you know how it’s nice to feel the numbing when it comes then there was a blackout too many lost months too many lost years but now is not the time to die
Track Name: Start Here
through the blinding snow i’ll follow you it’s all i know we keep moving on will we make it through the winter? will the snowdrifts knock us down? will our courage remain strong when no end can be found? no end if i don’t make it there alive that’s the cost i’ll pay to try save me now save me now
Track Name: Eat
when will you be here?
Track Name: A Beautiful Fragrance
you are the first fruit off our winter tree you are the first day of blue and green out of black, white, and gray call me inside outside call me inside (i am standing still outside) your table is set your door is open call me inside let me in so i can rest i can’t move help me
Track Name: In the Shadows Behind Your Back
making our way to shelter boxes from the cold to receive the numbing of our inventions and what for? these structures grow to build the largest expanse of lights to illuminate the emptiness of our time they’ll soon cover all the shadows of the earth (until you think there are no more shadows) with artificial light
Track Name: Because the Time is Short
close your eyes for a moment you are here for a reason are you afraid to reflect on this desolate season? dry soul, cracked bones broken by the beatings of rejection and lies the enemy is feasting a tempestuous past all you know is the past awaken beloved now take off your mask the time is now beauty emerges from the dirt and clay a new fragrance becomes you new life from decay no more excuses away with your excuses awaken beloved now take off your mask the time is now the time is short the time is yours